Course Schedule


Lectures Topics




Tue 1/24 

Class overview

Dr. Yinzhi Cao


Thu 1/26 

OS Structure and Kernel

Dr. Yinzhi Cao


Tue 1/31 


Dr. Yinzhi Cao


Thu 2/2

Kernel Paper Presentation I

 Defense: Ryan Santos
 Offense: Shujiang Wu

CertiKOS: An Extensible Architecture for Building Certified Concurrent OS Kernels

Tue 2/7

Kernel Paper Presentation II

Defense: Shujiang Wu
Offense: Zhanhao Chen

EbbRT: A Framework for Building Per-Application Library Operating Systems

Thu 2/9

Thread & Synchronization

    Dr. Yinzhi Cao


Tue 2/14

Synchronization Paper Presentation I

 Defense: Matthew Rodriguez
 Offense: Xiaofeng Wu

Type-Aware Transactions for Faster Concurrent Code

Thu 2/16


          Dr. Yinzhi Cao

HW1 Out 

Tue 2/21

Memory Paper Presentation

Defense: Zexu Wang
 Offense: Zhaohan Xi

 Coordinated and Efficient Huge Page Management with Ingens

Thu 2/23

File Systems

           Dr. Yinzhi Cao

Tue 2/28 

Synchronization Paper Presentation II

 Defense: Yu Han
 Offense: Maxwell Anselm

PAXOS Made Transparent 

 HW1 In

Thu 3/2 

File System Paper Presentation I

 Defense: Matt Smith
Matthew Rodriguez 

To Waffinity and Beyond: A Scalable Architecture for Incremental Parallelization of File System Code


Tue 3/7

File System Paper Presentation II

Defense: Weilun Yao
Offense: Zhen Zhang

Push-Button Verification of File Systems via Crash Refinement

Thu 3/9 

Mid-term Presentation


Tue 3/14 

Spring Break

Thu 3/16 

Spring Break

Tue 3/21 


      Dr. Yinzhi Cao

HW2 Out

Thu 3/23 

I/O Paper Presentation

Defense: Zhaohan Xi
Offense:  Zexu Wang

 Load the Edges You Need: A Generic I/O Optimization for Disk-based Graph Processing

Tue 3/28 

OS Security

 Dr. Yinzhi Cao

Thu 3/30 

World Wide Web 

Dr. Yinzhi Cao

Tue 4/4 

WWW Paper Presentation

 Defense: Zhanhao Chen
 Offense: Adam Kafka

No Honor Among Thieves: A Large-Scale Analysis of Malicious Web Shells

HW2 In

Thu 4/6 

Security Paper Presentation

 Defense: Maxwell Anselm
 Offense: Weilun Yao

Ryoan: A Distributed Sandbox for Untrusted Computation on Secret Data

Tue 4/11 

Language Related Paper Presentation

 Defense: Matt Smith
Yu Han

REX: A Development Platform and Online Learning Approach for Runtime Emergent Software Systems

Thu 4/13 

Distributed Systems

 Dr. Yinzhi Cao

Tue 4/18 

Distributed System Paper Presentation I

 Defense: Zhiheng Liu
Zhen Zhang

FaSST: Fast, Scalable and Simple Distributed Transactions with Two-Sided (RDMA) Datagram RPCs

Thu 4/20 

Distributed System Paper Presentation II

 Defense: Xiaofeng Wu
 Zhiheng Liu

TensorFlow: A System for Large-Scale Machine Learning

Tue 4/25 

Virtual Machine Paper Presentation

 Defense: Adam Kafka
 Ryan Santos

vScale: Automatic and Efficient Processor Scaling for SMP Virtual Machines

Thu 4/27 

Virtual Machines (Switched with April 25)

 Dr. Yinzhi Cao

Tue 5/2 

Final Project Presentation I

Thu 5/4 

Final Project Presentation II



All the slides are available at this link.